Unilever at a glance

Throughout the years in various countries around the world, Unilever has been setting benchmarks in terms of quality and innovation. Here, we show you our collective efforts throughout the years.

Unilever Malaysia Milestones


Unilever is established out of joined forces of English soap maker, Lever Brothers and Dutch edible fats manufacturer, Margarie Unie Planta Margarine Introduced.


Unilever is established in Malaysia. Began as Lever Brothers in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur to produce soap and margarine.


Unilever’s factory in Bangsar is completed and ready for operation. Costing RM12 million, factory was then reputed to be the largest in the country with ability to wrap 124 pieces of soap a minute.


Lever Brothers becomes the first private company to support the government’s Central Apprenticeship Board Scheme, a programme planned by the International Labour Organisation to train more skilled technicians.


Lever Brothers sets up the Bumiputra Pilot Scheme in respond to calls for more Bumiputra participation in business.


The RM2 million Wall's Factory officially opens in Bangsar. A joint venture between Lever Brothers and Fitzpatricks Far East Limited Singapore, the factory was equipped with the most modern machinery of its kind in the world and provided employment for some 500 people.


The Company’s operations is decentralized when the Head Office is relocated to Wisma Damansara in Damansara Heights and the Central Sales Office to Old Klang Road.


A modern and sophisticated edible oil refining plant costing RM1.2 million installed at the Jalan Bangsar factory becomes operational.


The Company launches a tree-planting campaign in its cause of preserving the environment and to add more natural colour to the factory environment.


In compliance with the Bumiputra ownership target of the New Economic Policy, Unilever embarks on an equity restructuring exercise. The outcome of the exercise was that 30% of its paid-up capital was issued to two Bumiputra institutions in 1981, namely Permodalan Nasional Bhd (23%) and Lembaga Tabung Haji (7%).


The olechemical plant of Unichema Malaysiaand a division of Lever Brothers is built in a new industrial estate in Bukit Raja, Klang. Subsequently, the soap operation also moves to Bukit Raja the same year, signaling a gradual relocation of the total manufacturing facilities from Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.


The Company is once again reunited in the Bangsar premises for cost effectiveness and to make communication easier within the Company and to promote team spirit.


A new detergent powder plant, with manufacturing facilities for liquids and detergent bars, is added to the Bukit Raja operations.


The Super Busa bus shelter project is initiated, building over a hundred bus shelters in the rural areas. This was an expression of Unilever Malaysia’s commitment to the rural people of Malaysia.


Following the addition of the new detergent , a new ice-cream factory worth RM 25 million and equipped with state of the art facilities, is successfully opened.


Lever Brothers changes its corporate name to Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn. Bhd, a significant turning point for the Company. With the adoption of the global name, the company expressed a new status and performed as a multinational multi-local business entity. Unilever and Brothers concludes, enhancing market position for both parties and their brands and develops best practices in maintaining Unilever’s leading market position Unilever restructures its business to focus   on its core strengths in brand management, customer understanding & marketing, customer development and other support function. The change in focus resulted in the company outsourcing its manufacturing requirements and closing its Bukit Raja factory. The aim is to place Unilever in a better position to meet the changing needs of our consumers rapidly and a key step to continue growing its business in Malaysia. Detergent, household care and ice cream categories previously produced at the Bukit Raja factory will be obtained from Malaysian factories or from Unilever overseas sister companies.Unilever opens its food factory in Rawang, Selangor producing mayonnaise, dressings, seasonings, bouillion and sauce.


Unilever Malaysia moves to its brand new office at Menara Telekom, after occupying the previous premise in Jalan Bangsar for 56 years.


Touching Hearts, a community relations program solely driven by employees, is established. Touching Hearts manages Unilever Malaysia’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives   more structured & committed manner and effectively under one umbrella.