Enjoy Mom's cooking at its best with Knorr.

Food - more than just fuel

At Knorr, we believe in the values fostered by the tradition of having home cooked meals with the family.   Across all cultures, Mom's cooking represents a shared closeness and warmth. And what better way to enhance special moments with loved ones than having healthy, great tasting food? It is our conviction in this that lies at the heart of Knorr's success - it is Unilever's no.1 brand.

Wholesome good food

Our passion for food that is enriching - to your body and taste buds - stretches back to 1838. Founder Carl Henrich Knorr pioneered experiments in drying seasonings and vegetables to preserve their flavour and nutritional value. Since then, Knorr has become a trusted household brand, offering a wide range of soups, seasonings, sauces and more. Each are made from real ingredients, blended with high quality recipes to create a versatile base that can be used for virtually any type of cooking.

Key facts

Knorr is trusted and popular in kitchens all around the world:

  • In 1960s, the first imported cubes from Switzerland were made available to Malaysians

  • In 1975, Knorr cubes started production in Malaysia

  • Our cubes, seasoning powders, pastes, sauces, etc, are ideal for stir-frying to marinating, steaming, making soups and more

  • It's Unilever's no. 1 brand, with annual sales reaching billions of ringgit

  • Knorr products are currently sold in more than 80 countries and it is growing fast beyond its European heartland, particularly in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia

  • In Germany, more than a billion salads are served with Knorr 'Salatkronung' dressing mixes each year

  • The Knorr logo contains the original signature of Carl Heinrich Knorr, the founder of the company          

From our range

Knorr's Other Product 

  1. Knorr Seasoning Powder
  2. Ikan Bilis Seasoning Powder
  3. Tom Yam Paste
  4. Oyster Flavoured Sauce
  5. BBQ Sauce - Traditional and Hot & Spicy
  6. Western Soup - Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken
  7. Oriental Soup - Hot & Sour, Seafood Soup, Chicken & Mushroom and Tigerlily & Mushroom


Unilever Malaysia Halal Policies And Vision

Halal Policy  

At Unilever Malaysia, we are committed to provide and produce safe quality products, which meet consumer needs as well as comply with Halal guidelines consistently.

We strive to ensure that: 

  1.  We produce, import and distribute food products in Malaysia which meets the Halal criteria as lay down by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) or authorized Islamic certification bodies as recognized by JAKIM. 

  2.  We aim to be in total compliance with the ingredients used, manufacturing process, storage and distribution under the strictest hygienic and sanitary condition in accordance to the Islamic law in meeting Halal requirements. 

  3. We will ensure that all sites manufacturing food products for Unilever Malaysia conform to the required Halal standards 

  4. Our Internal Halal Committee comprises of representatives from various disciplines responsible for all matters pertaining to Halal certification 

  5.  We will continuously build on our halal credentials to make it a source of our competitive advantage by engaging local and international Halal authorities 

  6. For Home and Personal Care products, we will ensure ingredients used in compliance with halal requirement.

  Halal Vision

Unilever Malaysia to be recognized as the trusted Halal supplier and to become the preferred Unilever sourcing hub for Halal food products worldwide.

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  • World-renowned chef Marco Pierre White knows how to get the best from ingredients – and has shared his Knorr know-with us. Try his guide to using our products.

  • The Knorr brand offers a wide range of soups, stock cubes, bouillons, seasonings and sauces designed to taste delicious and make mealtimes a nutritious, easy and enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • Looking for a quick, healthy meal in minutes? Look no further than Knorr soup. Ready in seconds and packed with goodness!

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