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Bringing great tasting food to life

Lady’s Choice has been a trusted brand for many years, providing you with quality products at great value. Our range of jams, spreads and dressings are all aimed to create feelings of well being while adding a little more flavour to your life. We know that Malaysians love their food and so do we! It’s with this understanding that we aim to bring great tasting food to life for everyone‘s enjoyment

Taste, value, nutrition, happiness

You may think we only stop at taste and value. But Lady’s Choice is also concerned with nutrition.   For example our peanut butter – made from carefully selected peanuts and roasted to perfection – has no cholesterol, is filled with protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids (good for the heart) and contains vitamins and minerals.

As with the rest of our product range, we make sure that everything is the right combination of taste, value and nutrition. Happy foods indeed!

Unilever Malaysia Halal Policies And Vision

Halal Policy  

At Unilever Malaysia, we are committed to provide and produce safe quality products, which meet consumer needs as well as comply with Halal guidelines consistently.

We strive to ensure that: 

  1.  We produce, import and distribute food products in Malaysia which meets the Halal criteria as lay down by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) or authorized Islamic certification bodies as recognized by JAKIM. 

  2.  We aim to be in total compliance with the ingredients used, manufacturing process, storage and distribution under the strictest hygienic and sanitary condition in accordance to the Islamic law in meeting Halal requirements. 

  3. We will ensure that all sites manufacturing food products for Unilever Malaysia conform to the required Halal standards 

  4. Our Internal Halal Committee comprises of representatives from various disciplines responsible for all matters pertaining to Halal certification 

  5.  We will continuously build on our halal credentials to make it a source of our competitive advantage by engaging local and international Halal authorities 

  6. For Home and Personal Care products, we will ensure ingredients used in compliance with halal requirement.

  Halal Vision

Unilever Malaysia to be recognized as the trusted Halal supplier and to become the preferred Unilever sourcing hub for Halal food products worldwide.

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Ladys Choice Mayonaise
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  • Our quality peanut butter is specially made from selected peanuts that have been carefully roasted to suit local Malaysian palates.

  • Our mayonnaise is made from: cholesterol-free soya bean oil, vinegar,eggs, others (sugar, salt, spices etc) and is naturally rich in Omega-3.

  • Lady’s Choice Fruit Salad dressing is a Malaysian innovation! It goes well with crunchy fruits such as guava, apple, pear and has a more sourish & fruity taste.

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