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Product innovations

We take breakthrough technologies and create products that give consumers an unbeatable experience. In this section you can find examples of this work.

Cool ice cream innovations

Woman eating food from a bowl

Unilever has found a way to make ice cream healthier as well as really tasty. It has all been possible thanks to a new ice cream ingredient discovered by Unilever's ice cream scientists.

Cutting edge softness

woman in towel smiling in Dove shower advert

You want Dove shampoo to leave your hair feeling silky soft, and Comfort fabric conditioner to bring new touch sensations to your clothes. How do we do it?

Intelligent deodorant

Man using deodorant in bathroom

Our Rexona deodorant uses body-responsive micro-capsule technology that kicks in when it’s needed most, giving people the confidence to face the day's more stressful situations.

Low fat, full taste

Hellmann's new bottle design

Most light mayonnaises don’t tend to deliver a taste or sensation anywhere near as good as the full fat variants.

Pioneering technology for Magnum Temptation

Box of Magnum ice cream

Since its launch in Europe in the early 90s, Magnum has grown to be one of Unilever’s biggest brands, bringing real chocolate indulgence to the adult ice cream market.

Specially Sunsilk

Replace this image

Wavy or straight, sleek or full, we have the technology to suit your hair style.

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