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Carte D'Or

Indulgence in every spoon for an unforgettable moment

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Carte Dor

A delicious range of ice creams inspired by our French heritage – smooth, creamy, and indulgent, crafted with ingredients from around the world

Carte D’Or was launched in 1978 in the home of gastronomy, France, to its gastronomic experts: French chefs.

Carte D’Or’s mission was to create ice cream of a pioneering quality that chefs were proud to confidently serve to their most discerning customers. Carte D’Or was soon made available in smaller packs, riding the wave of people wanting to create quality meals to serve to their guests at home. Variety and exoticism played a key role in the success of Carte D’Or – the range grew quickly.

Intrinsically the product’s quality was unlike anything sold in the Grocery trade. It could proudly stand up to the quality of any artisan, or restaurant.

With Carte D'Or's delicious flavors, quality ingredients and smooth-to-serve texture, people cant help but exclaim "Ooooo Dessert".

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