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Paddle Pop

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Paddle Pop

Responsibly Nutritious

Our delicious ice creams are responsibly developed for kids and we will continue to bring excitement with new shapes and flavours.

Every kids' ice cream will adhere to our Unilever nutritional commitments for which we have translated the WHO guidance into a Kids ice-cream portion.

This means maximum of:

  • 110 calories.
  • 12 grams of sugar.
  • 3 grams of saturated fat.

Please always read the label for product's specific nutritional information.

We add fruit and milk where we can. In addition, the majority of our products are also from free artificial colorants and flavours.

Responsibly Sold

Our ice creams are especially designed to excite and reward.

Our responsibly made for kids logo will appear on all range boards and packs to help parents and caregivers to find our products.


Responsibly Communicated

We DO NOT advertise to kids <16 years old for traditional and digital media

We only allow gifts, toys and premiums for kids when they have an educational or health purpose and are in combination with products bearing our Responsibly Made for Kids logo

We only allow POS communication for products bearing our Responsibly Made for Kids logo to support parents in making responsible choice.

Responsibly Made for Kids is our genuine commitment, to children, to everyone which involves how we craft our future products. It is the promise of better ice cream and more happy kids, now and in the future.

Contact Unilever about Paddle Pop

If you have any questions or comments about Paddle Pop, please visit our contact page.

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