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Vaseline has been helping skin look beautiful and feel healthy since 1870.

The history of Vaseline

The Vaseline® journey started in 1859, when a 22 year-old chemist from Brooklyn, New York named Robert A. Chesebrough went to Pennsylvania to investigate an oil well, hoping to profit from the industry’s infancy.

While Chesebrough was there, he discovered a gooey substance known as Rod Wax, a build up that stuck to drilling rigs and gummed the works until removed. He also noticed that the workers smeared their skin with this residue instead of using band-aids because it effectively stopped bleeding and aided the healing of cuts and burns. So he took some home and began experimenting. After months of testing, he managed to successfully extract usable petroleum jelly.

By 1870, Chesebrough was marketing his petroleum jelly product by the name of Vaseline®, and within ten years, Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly was sold at the rate of one jar per minute, was owned by almost every household in America, and was recognised as the standard remedy for skin complaints by medical professionals.

Today, Vaseline® products are available in over 60 countries around the world. Its rich heritage, healing qualities, and efficacy have been passed on from generation to generation for over 130 years.

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