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Wall's ice creams - wrapped with fun, laughter & good times.

Adding vitality to your life

As one of Unilever’s leading brands, Wall’s has always added vitality to your life – while being responsible about good nutrition. That’s why we’re constantly adjusting our range to keep up with changing needs. Smaller sizes for smaller appetites and old favourites for those nostalgia lovers- there’s always something for everyone. After all, we have been providing Malaysia’s leading pleasure food for the past 42 years.

Good times with Wall's

Apart from providing you with nutritious pleasures, Wall’s has embarked on several engagements to spread the message of fun, excitement, love and friendship. Who can forget the love sparked from our popular reality show – Cornetto, Love Perhaps? Or when we brought the excitement of space to life with Paddle Pop Cyberion. 

We even got Malaysians singing along with pop sensation and brand ambassadors Dafi and Gita Gutawa when we released “Dua Hati Menjadi Satu” at our Cornetto Love Sparks Campaign and brought six young popular artists together in a concert dedicated to love, music and friendship. With its timeless recipes, Walls is always wrapped with fun, laughter and good times!

Did you know

  • The Paddle Pop lion first emerged on our airwaves in 1987. Ever since the Paddle Pop ice cream brand has been a roaring success
  • Annual sales of Magnum laid end-to-end would go round the world 4.5 times!
  • The smallest ice cream cone is the Wall’s Mini measuring 9 cm
  • We’ve all know it for years, and now scientists have caught up and confirmed it – ice cream really does make you happy!

Unilever Malaysia halal policies & vision

Halal policy

At Unilever Malaysia, we are committed to provide and produce safe quality products, which meet consumer needs as well as comply with Halal guidelines consistently.

We strive to ensure that:

We produce, import and distribute food products in Malaysia which meets the Halal criteria as lay down by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) or authorized Islamic certification bodies as recognized by JAKIM.

We aim to be in total compliance with the ingredients used, manufacturing process, storage and distribution under the strictest hygienic and sanitary condition in accordance to the Islamic law in meeting Halal requirements. We will ensure that all sites manufacturing food products for Unilever Malaysia conform to the required Halal standards

Our Internal Halal Committee comprises of representatives from various disciplines responsible for all matters pertaining to Halal certification

We will continuously build on our halal credentials to make it a source of our competitive advantage by engaging local and international Halal authorities

For Home and Personal Care products, we will ensure ingredients used in compliance with halal requirement.

Halal Vision

Unilever Malaysia will be recognized as the most trusted Halal supplier and become the preferred Unilever sourcing hub for Halal food products world wide.

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