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What's driving Unilever's strong Q3 results?


The brands, categories and innovations behind our double-digit quarterly growth.

A line-up of Unilever’s billion-euro brands, including Dove, Magnum, Hellmann’s, Knorr, Rexona and more.

On 27 October, we announced strong growth results for Quarter Three 2022, with 10.6% underlying sales growth and 17.8% turnover growth compared to the same period last year.

This set of results marks the first time we have reported on our performance since restructuring as five new Business Groups.

Unilever CEO Alan Jope said: “We have delivered double-digit underlying sales growth and are raising our growth outlook for the year despite the obvious challenges of the macro-economic environment. The growth was broad-based, with all five Business Groups contributing, and volumes continuing to hold up well.”

He added: “Our organisation is now better structured to deliver consistent growth through a simpler, more category-focused operating model. The full benefits will be realised over time, and we are seeing encouraging early signs of improved accountability and faster decision-making.”

Here’s a deeper dive into Q3 highlights from each Business Group, and how innovation from our brands is driving this positive momentum.

Beauty & Wellbeing

Within our Beauty & Wellbeing Business Group, the Hair Care category saw high single-digit growth in Q3, largely driven by Latin America and South Asia with strong price contributions from our Sunsilk and Clear brands.

In Skin Care, Vaseline and Pond’s delivered strong growth, supported by innovations with additional consumer benefits. Read more about some of Vaseline’s recent innovations here.

Our Prestige beauty brands also performed well as Hourglass continued its expansion into China through online and premium retail sales, and Living Proof entered the bond-building premium hair category.

And in our Health & Wellbeing category, turnover now includes sales of our recent acquisition Nutrafol, while Liquid IV contributed strongly to underlying sales growth. Read more about our Health & Wellbeing business here.

Four products from the Liquid IV range, part of Unilever’s Beauty & Wellbeing portfolio. A hydration powder is being added to a glass of water.

Personal Care

In our Personal Care Business Group, the Deodorants category maintained strong performance. This was supported by continued premiumisation and strong innovations, such as the 72-hour protection technology from Rexona. Read about Rexona’s most effective deodorant yet here and find out more about the brand here.

Our Skin Cleansing category delivered growth with Lux benefitting from the relaunch of its bars in South Asia and the Middle East. Dove’s Deep Moisture body wash formula, created to nourish the microbiome, continued to perform well across its launch markets. Learn more about Unilever’s scientific work to explore the microbiome here.

In Oral Care, we achieved high single-digit growth, helped by the relaunch of Pepsodent with increased natural ingredients and efficacy credentials in South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Eight Degree Advanced 72-hour MotionSense deodorant sticks are lined up. Each has a different fragrance. Degree is also sold as Rexona.

Home Care

In Home Care, our Fabric Cleaning category delivered good results in India, Brazil, Turkey and Vietnam and sales growth in Europe and China. Our OMO and Radiant brands contributed strongly for another quarter. Read about how our Dirt is Good laundry brands launched their most sustainable capsules here.

Our Fabric Enhancers category reported double-digit growth for Q3. Our Comfort brand saw great results from its relaunch with a longer-lasting fragrances and new technology designed to better protect clothes from damage.

The Home & Hygiene market declined in Q3 as consumers’ disinfecting habits slowed down post-pandemic, but this part of the business still delivered single-digit growth.

Bottles of Comfort fabric conditioner in yellow, blue and pink lined up. The background is dark denim material. Text reads: Long live clothes.


The biggest category in this Business Group, Scratch Cooking Aids, reported high single-digit in Q3. South-East Asia, Africa and North America performed strongly, led by our Knorr brand.

Our business-to-business arm, Unilever Food Solutions, recovered to pre-Covid volume levels and is now well ahead on sales.

Our Dressings category had a very strong quarter, supported by continued growth from Hellmann’s, particularly in the United States. Read more about how Hellmann’s is growing here.

: A jar of Hellmann’s mayonnaise and a squeezy bottle of Hellmann’s Vegan Dressing & Spread. Text reads: Make taste not waste. We’re on the side of food.

Ice Cream

Our Ice Cream category grew strongly in Q3, with out-of-home sales continuing to recover after the pandemic.

Sales in Europe benefitted from a strong summer season, and Turkey delivered very good growth despite the high-inflation pressure on consumers.

Our Heart brand, Magnum and Cornetto brands delivered positive volume growth supported by new innovative recipes, such as Magnum Remix which re-imagines classic flavours and has now launched across 65 countries. Read about how we’re innovating in Ice Cream to drive growth here.

Three women stand together enjoying Cornetto ice cream cones.
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