Confidence Shines Through at CLEAR’s Party in Black

CLEAR celebrates confidence on a high note, honouring consumers who took the CLEAR zero-dandruff challenge

Confidence shines

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 August 2015 – Strong aura of confidence saturated the atmosphere at SOJU Sunway, as hundreds of exclusively invited guests donned their best black-coloured attires were strutting around CLEAR’s Party in Black – an ultra-celebration of confidence – with their heads held high and no qualms visible dandruff flakes on their clothing. The party is the culmination of CLEAR’s Bare It All and Pledge to Confidence campaign, which challenged consumers to take the zero dandruff challenge as a start to restore their confidence.

The Agents of Confidence – Shaheizy Sam and Juliana Evans joined the 100 elected pledgers from the pool of a thousand entries to celebrate confidence their partners or friends, as well as their courage to take on the zero dandruff challenge through daily usage of CLEAR anti-dandruff shampoo. The two-month campaign is also aimed at restoring confidence in consumers, encouraging them to embrace and showcase who they really are without being held back by dandruff.

From the selection, CLEAR’s Agents of Confidence – Shaheizy Sam and Juliana Evans – then shortlisted eight pledgers to be showcased at CLEAR’s Party in Black, where they were given a makeover, a chance to strut down the runway and share their inspiring story on confidence. It was certainly an opportunity for them to showcase their real self with no reservations and concerns triggered by dandruff issues.

“The intention for the Party in Black is to amplify the message of confidence derived from a zero-dandruff scalp, and we are glad to see how our lucky pledgers are portraying themselves so confidently – their attires and demeanour says it all! It is the very reason why we kick-started this campaign and CLEAR will continue to inspire confidence, as well as combating consumers’ dandruff issues with our newly formulated CLEAR Women and CLEAR Men shampoo,” said Phoenix Ho, Senior Brand Manager – Total Hair, Unilever Malaysia.

Continuing the Message of Confidence with “Pelangi Cinta”

While the Party in Black serves as a grand finale to CLEAR’s Bare It All and Pledge to Confidence, CLEAR continues the empowering message of confidence through an online video series starring Shaheizy Sam and Juliana Evans.

Titled ‘Pelangi Cinta’ ’, the story revolves around the characters played by Shaheizy and Juliana, who hail from two completely different worlds. Juliana lives in a world of glitz and glamour where social statures are important, while Shaheizy lives a simple life and does not care what others think of him. Will they be able to find their true self through one another? Watch how their love story unfolds further via an online video series that will premiere on 21 August 2015 on - 

Through this online video series, Clear opts a narrative and emotion-centric route that aims to eventually encourage consumers to get out of hiding, and embrace who they truly are.

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