Planta makes much-loved fried egg

The perfect fried egg is a beautiful thing. Humble as it is, there is no egg like a well fried egg with Planta…tasty, crispy crunchy edge, full of aroma, not oily, a shiny white and a glistening yolk. It is such a simple dish but worth getting right to either enjoy on its own, or in a sandwich or to top off a plate of nasi goreng or nasi lemak.

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Planta, Malaysia’s trusted and leading margarine brand for generations, is celebrating the tasty and delicious fried egg recipe, made with the nutritious and superior goodness of Planta.

“Everyone can fry an egg. Fried egg is one of the simplest and fastest recipes ever created but why settle for oily, no-crunch, flat tasting fried egg when you can make it exquisite with just one simple ingredient? With just one spoon of Planta, fried egg is transformed instantly when the egg meets the melted and aromatic Planta. 

Planta not only gives a distinctive and much more flavourful taste, it also results in mouth-watering fragrant aroma coupled with the formation of a crunchy crispy edge. You will also have perfectly fried egg that is less oily but full of flavour and with the right texture,” said Joel Lim, Brand Manager, Foods, Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd.

For moms everywhere, they know that kids love fried egg, and with Planta they can now elevate the experience for their kids and the whole family.

“Fried egg is certainly a go-to recipe for mothers everywhere. We hope to give mothers another delicious way to equip kids to grow,” added Joel.

In an event at popular shopping mall, 1 Utama, the public were given an opportunity to participate in a Fried Egg Recipe War. The public and media were asked to taste the difference between fried eggs with Planta and fried eggs with oil in a blind taste test. They then had to vote for their preferred fried egg recipe.

Sharifah Sofia, an actress and mother of two children, joined the fried egg cooking demonstration and the Fried Egg Recipe War. She also shared that she makes fried eggs for her older kid, Sharifah Ariana who is 4 years old as a way to get her to eat rice and sandwiches. She agreed that the simplicity of the Planta fried egg and the tastiness of it would make it a timeless recipe to be enjoyed and savoured time and time again.

“The experience today proved that Planta fried egg delivers the best in taste, aroma, appetizing colour texture that tantalizes the taste buds, and looks appetizing with its striking colour on the plate. Mothers who adopt Planta to their fried egg recipe will find it easy to do and are assured that kids will love it even more,” added Joel.

In days leading up to the event, news broke out that an eccentric local billionaire has applied and willing to spend RM1 million to own the copyright for a specific fried egg recipe - leaving mothers puzzled and disheartened with the news. It is discovered at the event that the recipe in question was the Planta fried egg recipe.

For more interesting information on Planta or Planta fried egg recipe, visit Planta’s Facebook page at or Planta’s YouTube Channel at

Planta 240g is priced at RM4.90 and 480g is priced at RM8.40 and are available at all major retail outlets. All prices are inclusive of GST.

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