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Unilever donates RM1.2 million worth of products to vulnerable Malaysian communities during Covid-19 crisis


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Kuala Lumpur, 9th April 2020 - Unilever Malaysia contributes RM1.2 million of food and personal hygiene products to vulnerable people during the Covid-19 pandemic. Beneficiaries include frontline healthcare workers, police, the elderly, the homeless, B40 households, under-privileged children, single mothers and refugees.

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Through this commitment, Unilever has partnered with Malaysia’s Ministry of Health, which will distribute more than 22,000 Lifebuoy soaps, personal care and food products to frontline healthcare. Distribution will begin tomorrow and will reach 36 hospitals in all regions including Sabah and Sarawak.

The donation was received by the YB Minister of Health of Malaysia today. He said “The Ministry is pleased and appreciative with the gesture of private companies like Unilever Malaysia that is supportive and recognizing the efforts that the Ministry has put in combatting this Covid-19 pandemic. It is important for us to work together in making sure the health and well-being of the communities are taken care of.” #kitamestimenang

Unilever has also partnered with local community organisations Kembara Kitchen, Total Lost Food Project, as well as local community centres to provide the elderly, the homeless, B40 households, orphanages, the elderly, single mothers, and refugees with more than RM677,000 worth of Unilever’s food products that reached more 11,000 people.

Syazwan Rahimy, General Manager for Total Lost Food Project (TLFP), said: “TLFP is genuinely grateful for the contributions made by Unilever in response to the Covid-19 crisis, which will go a long way towards helping charities and People’s Housing Residents under our care. Our partnership with Unilever is strong due to our shared values and has strengthened in these trying times.”

William Cheah, Co-Founder of Kembara Kitchen, said: “With the Covid-19 pandemic being an unprecedented global disaster, much of what we face is unknown. How we do things and support each other with so much uncertainty around us requires an innovative approach. The partnership between Unilever and Kembara has so far reached hundreds of people around Klang Valley who are in need. This initiative helps lessen the burden on underprivileged communities to provide for their families.”

This Friday, 10 April, Unilever Malaysia will distribute Walls ice creams and 9,500 masks to the Royal Malaysian Police Department in Klang Valley, children and elderly under the Welfare Department in Kuala Lumpur, homeless people taken care of by Kuala Lumpur Town Hall City and children under the PPR Pekan Kepong.

Annemarieke de Haan, Managing Director of Unilever Malaysia-Singapore, said: “Unilever is an organisation with a strong sense of purpose, and we are proud to be working with government partners such as the Ministry of Health, NGOs and other likeminded organisations to support those most vulnerable and in need during this trying time. We also recognise the incredible efforts of healthcare workers and public servants to keep our communities safe and, on behalf of Unilever, we say thank you.”

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