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Planta makes much-loved fried egg

The perfect fried egg is a beautiful thing. Humble as it is, there is no egg like a well fried egg with Planta…tasty, crispy crunchy edge, full of aroma, not oily, a shiny white and a glistening yolk. It is such a simple dish but worth getting right to either enjoy on its own, or in a sandwich or to top off a plate of nasi goreng or nasi lemak.

The latest news in hijab fashion

In a first for hijab fashion, Galeri Ariani is now infused with the long lasting fresh fragrance of comfort to give women sophisticated Hijab fashion complete with fragrance

Magnum Celebrates Chocolate Pleasure

Mr Herry Budiazhari, Marketing Director Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd together with Dato Farah Khan, Creative Director of Farah Khan and the 5 Magnum inspired hand beaded dresses.

Dove celebrates international women’s day

Chin Mei Lee, Brand Manager of Dove Hair and Raiza Revilla, Brand Manager of Skin Cleansing, Lux and Dove at Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd giving away roses and cards to surprised women in KL Sentral.

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